Dear guest, 

Please find below the answers to the most common questions. 

If you have other questions or need specific information, please let us know.

Please download and read our Guest Guide here.

Q: What are the best months for a holiday in Spain?

A: Although it depends very much on your preferences, here is our view: 

1) February - Best for mental health, due to the mild weather and sunny weather, with temp around 17-20 Celsius. Ideal for walks along the promenade, or relaxing on the beach.

2) June - Best for relaxing in the sun, due to the long, sunny and warm days (26-30 Celsius). 

3) September - Best for enjoying the full holidays spirit, due to the low rental rates, attractions still open and warm water.

Q. What is the best part of the month to be on holiday?

A: During the full Moon, there is a great natural show, witnessing the Moon raising from the sea.  

Q: What does mean Smart Home for this apartment? 

     A: In a nutshell, it means we have integrated and optimised the use of appliances to deliver the best experience and comfort possible and also to look after the environment. We`ve introduced smart controls on the following facilities: aircons, lights and dehumidifier. 

         1) Smart Speakers: the apartment has 3 smart speakers, 1 in each room. You can use them to control the appliances or to provide you with useful info for your holiday (ie taxi number, weather, turn off the TV, etc.)

         2) Smart Hub: In the Living room there is a tablet that contains apps to allow you to control the aircons, the dehumidifier and the lights - with a touch. Also, the Smart hub will allow you to play international Radio stations, browse the internet and facilitate remote support if needed.

         3) Smart Aircons: both of our aircon units are connected to the Smart hub or mobile phones. They also have climate control schedules that offer cool/warm nights and are environmentally friendly. From 2021, on request, the controls for the aircons can be offered for free on guests' mobile phones for the duration of their stay.

         4) Smart Lights: All the ceiling lights in all 3 rooms are smart. This means you can change the colour and intensity of the light to create the right environment for you. Each room has also a lamp(s) that is manually controlled should you prefer. 

         5) Dehumidifier: as we all know, for a healthy environment we need not only the right temperature but also the right level of humidity. The unit can be controlled via the Google Smart speakers or the Smart hub and has a predefined humidity level set for your comfort. 

Q: What is the closest airport?

     A: Alicante is the closest airport. Also, Murcia international is not far either.

Q: Where I can find the cheapest flights?

     A: We advise using Kayak for the cheapest flights.

Q: How can I book the apartment? 

     A: Booking is done directly with us. Payment is done via PayPal. If you do not have PayPal, can use Revolut or bank transfer. 

Q: Do I need to pay in full at the time of booking?

     A: We have a deposit scheme that allows bookings by paying a 30% deposit. The balance of 70% needs to be paid 1 month before the booked date.

Q: Can I pay the balance in weekly or monthly instalments?

     A: Yes, we can invoice you weekly or monthly via PayPal.

Q: Are there any hidden fees or charges? 
     A: No! The price you see is the price you’ll pay. No other fees or charges.

Q: Can you reserve the apartment for us now, and we will pay the deposit next week/month?

     A: Unfortunately we cannot reserve the apartment without payment. Really sorry for any inconvenience.

Q: If I want to cancel the booking will I get my deposit back?

     A: We offer a full refund for cancellations requested in writing (email, messages) at least 30 days before the booked date. No refund will be offered if the cancellation is requested with less than 30 days until the booked date. 

Q: Can I pay the balance later?

     A: The balance needs to be paid 30 days before the booked date. If for some reason you cannot pay the balance invoice on the due date, please contact us before the due date (30 days before the booked date) to avoid the booking being cancelled. 

Q: What will happen if I won't pay the balance on time? 

     A: Your booking will be cancelled.

Q: Is the price per person?

     A: No. The price is per apartment, not per person.

Q: Are utilities and cleaning fees included in the price?

    A: Yes, for booking a meeting minimum stay (6 or 7 nights). For bookings shorter than the minimum stay, the cleaning fee of 60 EURO applies. 

Q: How many guests can accommodate?

     A: For the best experience, we recommend it for up to 4 guests. The apartment can accommodate max 5 guests.

Q: We are 6 people in total, including children. Can the apartment accommodate us?

     A: Sorry, but the apartment is designed for max 5 guests. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate more than 5 guests (adults and children).

Q. Does the apartment offer towels and bedding? 

     A: Yes, the apartment provides towels, bedding, flip-flops, beach chairs other beach articles.

Q: How many nights are included in a week?

     A: 7 nights

Q: How do I get the keys?

     A: Our manager in Spain will hand you the keys during the check-in process.

Q When will I get the contact details of your manager in Spain?

     A: Once the 70% balance is paid, we will send you the Guest pack (guide) that contains important details regarding your stay, including the contact details of our manager in Spain.

Q: How far is the supermarket?

     A: There are 3 supermarkets within a 7 min walk.  The closest one is just a 3 min walk. See it on the map here

Q: How far are the restaurants and bars and how far is the beach?

     A: Restaurants and bars are at a 3 - 4 min walk. The beach is just a 4 min walk. Also, the promenade is a 4 min walk and along it, there are lots of restaurants, pubs, bars, and shops.

Q: Does the price include food, flights, and transfers?

     A: No. The price is for accommodation only.

Q: Is there a pool?

     A: As the apartment is only 4 min walk to the beach, there is no pool.

Q: Is there a water park? If so, how far is the water park? 

     A: Yes. Torrevieja has 2 water parks: Aquapolis (by bus B, C, and G, or 30 min walk) and Aquapark Flamingo, (by bus B and G). The bus can be taken from next to the main bus station, address: Calle del Mar, 40, Torrevieja.

Q: Is air con/heating in the apartment? 

     A: Yes. The apartment has 2 x Mitsubishi air con units (in the living room and master bedroom) that can heat or cool the apartment. Also, the second bedroom has a ceiling fan.

Q: What’s the optimum room temperature?

     A: For best comfort and health, recommended room temperatures are between 24 and 25 degrees Celsius in the summer and between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius in winter. Doctors recommend that the air conditioning systems are not operated below 23 degrees Celsius during the summer, because air conditioning draws moisture from the air, causing irritation to the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, a dry cough and a runny nose.

Q: Is there a fridge, iron, and hairdryer?

     A: Yes. The apartment has a fridge freezer, a steam iron/ironing table, and a hairdryer.

Q: Is the building/apartment wheelchair-friendly? 

     A: The building has a ramp and lifts so it is accessible to wheelchair users. We had guests that were wheelchair users, but the apartment has no specific facilities for accessibility. 

Q: Can I watch TV channels from my country?

     A: Yes. Both TVs provide a wide selection of international channels. 

Q: Why sometimes does the TV image freeze for a few moments? 

     A: Changing channels for a brief moment usually sorts the issue.

Q: Is the internet speed enough for 5 of us? 

     A: Yes. The internet offers an ultrafast fibre connection of 650 Mbps synchronous (download/upload) which is plenty for any online activity.

Q: What is the closest bus station?

     A: The main bus station is just 6 min walk from the apartment. Find the bus station on the map here. Address: Calle del Mar, 40, 03182 Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain 

Q: How are the prices in Torrevieja? Is it an expensive resort?

     A: Torrevieja is not only a resort town but also home to approximately 90.000 inhabitants. As a result, the prices are lower than in other resorts dedicated to tourism. You can even have a 3-course meal, the menu of the day for under 10 euros.

Q: How is the weather in Torrevieja “this” month?

    A: Please check this website for stats regarding all-year-round weather in Torrevieja:https://www.holiday-weather.com/torrevieja/averages/

Q: How long take the airport transfers?

    A: Transfers from Alicante take approximately 45-50 minutes by car.